Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Evented Encounter System Part II

Look at my hard work and PRAISE ME.

Surprise attack is SURPRISING.
So, as per my blog entry yesterday, I finally got my Evented random encounter and alert system working and I was feeling like a total boss about it. Now I've managed to make a pretty little box that pops up when a battle is about to start—you get three seconds to press the Shift button to skip the battle, and you can only skip if you have a Battle Token (may change the name, dunno—seems to fit) in your inventory. The box shows how many tokens you have in your inventory.

Although, the numbers are supposed to be white ... not sure why they're grey. I think they're showing up beneath the box, which they shouldn't. Something for me to fix.

And yes, this has used thousands of conditional branches.

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