Friday, 11 October 2019

All my pictures broke

Everything I do is so slow, but hopefully it's pretty?

Yooooo, it's been some time.

To be honest, I haven't actually done too much, and the stuff that I have done isn't really noteworthy. I've been totally procrastinating making maps and I'm at the point where I just gotta force myself, because the story can't progress without them. I've also been chipping away at a few scripts and things and tightening things up behind the scenes, which is good, but more like a step sideways than a step forwards.

Also, this blog update is truly, shamelessly just about updating image links on my other sites, because the old image provider I was using has turned all my pictures into sad faces.

Don't give me that face

So, it's a short and sweet one, but I am doing things! I promise!

Here's one part of our cast of characters:

Antheia, our heroine

Soren, her estranged twin brother

Blanche, a drunken mercenary in Antheia's employ

Merrin, the mysterious woman Soren was last seen with

Toll, a soldier on the hunt for a missing princess

Wes, his best friend

And here are a couple more screenshots of the houses I've been doing for Lapinne, the next town on our heroine's journey:
Everything in Lapinne is neat and cute, like me (jk I live in a hovel)

People in Lapinne can afford MIRRORS
Lapinne has a series of apartments and warehouses, which are generally comprised of lots of small connected maps. Once I get into a groove of making interior maps, I'm good, but if I take a bit of a sabbatical, it's hard to get back into. Mostly because they're all created in Photoshop and are a bit of a process, even though they're small. But hey, at least I don't have to animate any water.

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