Sunday, 3 November 2013

Completion of the Third Town

Morrowmere in its woody, once-occupied glory.

Oh joy of joys. I have finally completed all of the maps I need for the third town, Morrowmere. This is pleasing to me. TELL ALL THE MINSTRELS.

For the month of November, I intend to do at least one map per day, or the equivalent of one to two hours of game-makery. November is a month of hardcore gam mak. Y'all better respect. I managed to squeeze out five maps since Friday, so that's me exceeding past-Shannyn's expectations, and that's always a good thing. The partner and the hound understand too (the partner begrudgingly so—we usually watch things (currently DBGT) on the laptop for about an hour before bed and I am eating into this time selfishly).

So ... Morrowmere. Originally this was just going to be a woodcutting town on the way to the Temple of Koruna (if you've read the game topics I linked to in the first post, you will know that that's the destination of our heroine in the first section of the game; her brother studies there), but I wanted to inject a little bit of history into it, rather than 'boring woodcutting town'. Morrowmere is close to the border and was once occupied by soldiers during the war with Zenmyr (about twenty years before the game begins). I don't think there are many physical reminders that it was once occupied, apart from a monument in the centre of town, but I think I'll have some of the NPCs mention it. It doesn't make sense to me to have too much remaining after twenty years.

I still can't decide how I want the intro to play out: I'm toying with the idea of having you play as Garth, Antheia and Soren's father, during the war with Zenmyr as a kind of learn-the-gameplay kind of thing, but I can't really see how that relates to the game story. I mean, Zenmyr doesn't even feature in the game; the story focusses on Elowyn and the impending civil war.

Of course, most of this probably means nothing to you yet. That makes me a little sad. Let's show you a couple of screenshots to cheer me up. And when I say a couple, I literally mean a couple.

I plan to force an old couple to live here, because that's how I roll—I enjoy playing God.

Why am I posting this screenshot? It looks pretty. It's all I have to offer you for now, considering I haven't added any events yet.
And that's pretty much it for this update. I really am trying to update more frequently. Here, have some Amon Amarth:

They make me feel Viking-tastic. They're pretty much the soundtrack to my hardcore gam mak. I personally enjoy the Youtube comments:

Last person kinda ruined it, though. There is such a thing as taking it too far; hence only four thumbs.

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