Sunday, 26 January 2014

In Which I Return to the Internet Land


Yeah, so that didn't happen, but that's okay. This is just a brief update because the fact that I updated in November last makes me feel disappointed in myself. I did really well in terms of gam mak in November; I completed the third town, made a bunch of exciting maps, all that jazz. I managed to work on maps everyday right up until about the middle of November, when I encountered a problem making a fog that wouldn't move with the map because of my picture-fixing script (which I need to keep the 'upper' parts of the map fixed) ... let's just say I screamed and ragequit and haven't worked on the game since.

THEN I was going to update just before Christmas and tell my faithful readers this (you don't leave comments or say hello to me or anything but I know you're there ... I think) but I couldn't log into ImageShack, for some reason, and it kept telling me that I didn't exist and I couldn't remember my password, so I ragequit the internet and sulked and enjoyed my time off work and played all the games I'd been meaning to play and binge-watched Girls and Orange is the New Black and Ink Master and just generally had a nice, well-deserved break.

It wasn't a break from creative goodness, mind you. I spent some time writing a werewolf story I started a year or so ago. It's about a bunch of teenagers that go to the main character's family bach during their summer holiday and werewolf shenanigans ensue. There's a bit of romance, too, which I don't usually write about, but I was reading Pierce the Veil fanfiction and I was inspired. Don't judge me. That's an actual thing, by the way. People write fanfiction about real people. The mind boggles.

So here we are now. My computer has packed a sad, so I'm pretty much restricted to working on my laptop, which is what I was using to gam mak anyway. That's okay, though. All my stuff is on an external hard drive, thankfully. I reckon I'll probably start work on my game again at least by the end of this month, now that my burnout is over. Until then, please be appeased by the following screenshots that prove that I did indeed do some work:

(By the way, I'm totally confused about ImageShack now. Are they going to boot me off if I don't pay? Is it no longer free? I don't understaaaaaaaaand!)

Here is the cemetery in Morrowmere, the third town.

There are three other maps in this area so far; this is the pass that leads to the Temple of Koruna.

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