Sunday, 22 October 2017

Just so you know that I'm not dead

Let's just say that Gramps knows his shit.

A lovely forum-goer prompted me to update my blog, so here we are. Haven't updated for two years, hah. You'll be pleased to know that I haven't been sitting with my thumb up my ass this entire time. I'm unfortunately not a lady of leisure and I spend a lot of time working and exercising and trying to maintain my tiny friend base, so progress is slow—but it's progress.

A couple of months ago, I decided to finally take the plunge and port everything over to RPG Maker VXAce. Of my many endearing features, slow-uptake of new technologies seems to be my favourite. I had a phone with buttons until about four years ago. True story.

Those of you that have Ace will know that it's a far superior engine to VX in so many ways. I bought it last year when it was on sale because it was always just a little bit far out of my price range. I often considered porting Vermilion over to Ace, especially because of the scarcity of resources for VX (like scripts and the like), but I'd already gotten so far through my game that it just seemed like a waste of time that could be better spent making new maps, etc. I managed to find so many workarounds for the features I wanted to implement—and that was fine—but after a while I realised that technology was marching forth without me and that all the workarounds were kinda illogical and immersion-breaking for the player, and I wasn't making the product I wanted to make.

So, here we are now, a couple of months later, and pretty much everything is working the way I want it to, which is exciting. All the maps for the demo are complete. I'm still going through map by map and updating the events and text (because some of the codes and things from VX are different in Ace), but, as my cousin affectionately says, "you love redoing shit". It's true—I've redone many things over the last six years, but not for the sake of redoing things; I'm just a big ol' perfectionist.

TL;DR: I'm not dead and neither is this project.

Some screenshots from the intro and start of the game for your viewing pleasure:

Garth is Antheia and Soren's father.

"The boyz are back in town!"

You may not get this at first glance, but there are two babies in that basket, not loaves of colourful bread.

Guess which one is the bookish one?
If it's not homely, is it even your hometown?

Glean information from the people around you minding their own business.

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