Saturday, 25 November 2017

The one where I mak gam

There will be peddlers and merchants along this bridge, hawkin' their wares.

Hey friends. We're almost at demo time. I KNOW. It's only taken me ... this many. *holds up fingers and squints*

While waiting for my beta testers to get back to me, I decided to get started on the next dungeon, which was originally going to be called the Sylvan Grassland and is now called the Sylvan Floodplain. Originally I had a mind blank when I was creating the world and didn't have a great idea for a dungeon, so I was just going to have a field/grassland because I already have a forest, a mountain pass and a cave. It seemed like a good way to round it out.

The idea is that you're heading south after the events of Act I (aka the demo, get hyped fam) and you cannot continue along the Maeden Road, which is the quickest way to get to the capital. You cut through the Sylvan Floodplain, which does exactly as its name suggests—when it rains heavily, it floods.

Pretty proud of my flooded creek, not gonna lie.

The first time you go through, the creek will be flooded and you'll have minimal access to much of the dungeon. I'm thinking a fun gimmick would be traversing the plains in search of planks to get over the flooded creek. And then, later on, you'll be able to come back and access parts of the dungeon you couldn't before.

Look, all back to normal.

Sounds like fun to me—let's hope everyone else thinks so.

Also, you may not know this about me, but I really love mapping, especially wilderness maps. I'm a stickler for detail. One of my favourite things is placing flowers. I like each 'area' to have its own unique flowers, because I think it really ties them all together. For example, the Sylvan Floodplain will have little peach and white flowers (as seen in the screenshots above), whereas in Roe Forest (screenshot below), there are clusters of little white flowers.

That grass is super bright compared to the new map. Oh well.
Well, that's just a wee update from me. Hopefully in the next week I can update again, this time with the demo! Yeah!

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